Business philosophy

1.A heart of gratitude with a bright smile
1.Have the passion to take on challenges willingly
1.Sincere work creates trust
1.Comfortable operation creates safety for the vehicle

In order to be aware of our mission as a public transportation company and to ensure the safety of transportation, we will take all possible measures to prevent traffic accidents by thoroughly management of safety operations, inspecting and maintaining vehicles, specific operation procedures and guidelines for each operation route.


Company name

Dream Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd




24,000,000 yen


Hokkaido Transport Bureau Director’s License / Hokkaido Transport Service No. 160 / Hokkaido Transport Bureau License / Hokkaido Motor Truck Transportation Business

Business details

General Passenger Vehicle Transportation Business / General Motor Truck Transportation Business


Hokkaido Bus Association


Higashinaebo Branch, Hokkaido Bank / Higashinaebo Branch, North Pacific Bank

Group companies

MUNEKATA Fuel Co., Ltd.

Main customers

JAL Tours, Tobu Top Tours, Nippon Travel Agency, JTB, KNT, Meitetsu Travel, Keio Travel Agency, Club Tourism, Nokyo Tourist, Yomiuri Travel, Hankyu Travel, Bigholiday, etc.



Establishment of MUNETAKA Fuel


Established MUNETAKA rental car


Established MUNETAKA Co., Ltd.


Opened branch office (Sapporo Public Market / Shopping Center Kosei 1F)


Establishment of MUNETAKA rental car LLC


Opened travel agency business department


Established Munekata Tourism Co., Ltd.


Established Dream Sightseeing Bus LLC


Introduced large buses


Established Dream Sightseeing Bus LLC (Transportation Division)


JAL story route bus contract / JAL story dounan route driving


Company name changed to Dream Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd.


Established Teine Business Office,

Greetings from the


President and CEO
Jungo Munekata

We, Dream Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd., are developing mainly the chartered bus business as a tourism service business, which is one of the important industries in Hokkaido, but nowadays, in addition to safety, transportation companies also have been questioned about responsibilities and qualifications as companies who take care of the important lives of customers such as conductors operation management, health management, and legal compliance.
In order to provide safe, fun and comfortable bus trips, we believe that it is important for each employee to think and act on their own, how to make every effort to satisfy our customers.
Hokkaido is a wonderful world where charms of four seasons are indescribable, such as the fresh green land, the flowers that color the summer just a moment, the fiery autumn leaves of Hokkaido, the white snow and ice, and the seasonal tastes.We are running somewhere in Hokkaido today so that people can know the charm of Hokkaido and the wonderfulness of sightseeing bus trips.
We would appreciate your warm and continuing support and sometimes with strict encouragement, so that we could grow up.

Logo design

The initial “D” of DREAM “dream” and “pigeon”, the symbol of love and peace, are harmonized to assume a “dream journey toward the future” and expressed “trust, harmony and development” of the company.

Our features

From April to November, we focus on the sightseeing charter bus business, and from December to March, which is the off-season of buses, we mainly provide snow removal services.
Of course, even in the winter season, buses are in operation for ski buses, school skiing, and inbound (foreign visitors to Japan) tours.


Dream Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd.
Post code 065-0042
8-2-6, 2jo, Higashi-ku, Sapporo

Teine Business Office, Dream Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd.
Post code 006-0832
4-4-65 2jo, Akebono, Teine-ku, Sapporo

Inquiries and Quotations

Inquiries and Quotations