Chartered bus business


We, Dream Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd., are developing mainly the chartered bus business as a tourism service business, which is one of the important industries in Hokkaido.

Nowadays, in addition to safety, transportation companies also have been questioned about responsibilities and qualifications as companies who take care of the important lives of customers such as conductors operation management, health management, and legal compliance are.

In order to provide safe, fun and comfortable bus trips, we believe that it is important for each employee to think and act on their own, how to make every effort to satisfy our customers. 

Hokkaido is a wonderful world where charms of four seasons are indescribable, such as the fresh green land, the flowers that color the summer just a moment, the fiery autumn leaves of Hokkaido, the white snow and ice, and the seasonal tastes.

We are running somewhere in Hokkaido today so that people can know the charm of Hokkaido and the wonderfulness of sightseeing bus trips.

●Number of buses owned

Our company was founded with 5 small buses.
In response to customer needs, we have expanded the bus transportation business by focusing on small-sized buses, targeting short trips.
Currently, we also provide large bus service for school trips and bus excursion events, mainly for organizers.


Medium size 5


Small 6


Snow removal business


In addition to the chartered tour bus business, Dream Sightseeing Bus is also engaged in winter snow removal business as a designated contractor of Sapporo City.
Depending on drivers who hold large licenses or special licenses, we can handle snow removal dozers, rotary vehicles, snow dump trucks from company-owned land and private lands such as general roads to private roads, parking lots and plaza.
From December to March, we sign seasonal contracts with each company, store, and real estate company, and we are engaged in snow removal business depending on the snowfall situation of the previous day.
In addition, we also remove snow outside the contract at the spot upon customers’ requests.

Snow removal on
Ainosato Road, Kita-ku, Sapporo

-Dump truck night snow removal
-Daytime snow removal (partnership: collaborative work with other companies)
-Rotary vehicle snow removal

Number of annual snow removal contracts: 90
Annual snow removal sales: 10,000,000 yen

Number of operation vehicles this year
2 rotary vehicles: 11 excavators: 10 dump trucks

The angle of the snowplow on the front can be changed freely to remove snow from the road surface.

The collected snow is piled up in a dump truck at once at the snow removal rotary and processed at the snow removal site.

It’s a powerful snow removal dozer made in Germany, so it is easy to handle heavy snow.

A dump truck is used to take the snow to a dumping site for disposal.

Fuel oil business


We provide sales and delivery of kerosene, sales of propane gas and heating appliances, and plumbing work.

Inquiries and Quotations

Inquiries and Quotations